Vision, Mission and Values


A Safe, Healthy Manitoba

Mission Statement

The Block by Block Initiative is a platform for multi-sectoral collaboration to identify and find long term, sustainable solutions to complex social issues and systemic barriers impacting community safety and well-being.


The Block by Block Initiative committees and Hubs are driven by the following values. All members sign a Charter of Commitment acknowledging their commitment to working within these values.


Real transformation happens when we focus on what is possible. We will be open minded and support each other in taking risks and doing things differently.

Strength Based

All communities and individuals/families have strength, value, and the capacity to be well. We will focus on building existing strengths and developing sustainable capacity.

Individual/Family Centered

Individuals/families know their own lives best and are capable of identifying their own needs. We will treat individuals/families as equal partners and support them in identifying and meeting their needs.


Everyone has value and something to contribute. We will model true engagement by incorporating reciprocal communication, trust, shared power, and inclusive decision making at all levels.


Sustainable impact is quality driven. We are accountable to each other and the community and therefore have a responsibility to commit fully, follow through on tasks, receive feedback, and communicate successes and challenges frequently.

Cultural Diversity

There is more than one way of doing and thinking. We will explore and incorporate a variety of approaches, perspectives, and ways of being together at all stages.


Collaboration starts with building meaningful relationships. We will be honest, respectful, transparent, and sensitive in all of our interactions with each other and the community.

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