Project Partners

Supporting Committees

There are a large number of agencies that serve the Thunderwing community and therefore it is not possible to have a representative from every agency on the Thunderwing Hub. Groups may choose to develop supporting or advisory committees to support, receive information from, and/or provide feedback to their representatives on the Hub. These committees develop their own processes in consultation with the Block by Block Executive Director. A list of existing committees and a brief summary of their make-up and purpose is provided below.

Thunderwing Advisory Committee (TAC)

Representatives from various Community Based Organizations that serve the Thunderwing community meet quarterly to receive feedback from and support and give direction to the community based organization representatives on the Block by Block Leadership Table and Thunderwing Hub. The following community based organizations have one or more representatives on TAC.

Partnering Initiatives

The Block by Block Initiative appreciates and values the important work of other initiatives working within and surrounding the Thunderwing community. Thunderwing will partner with these initiatives informally through networking, support, and resource and information sharing:

Unite Interactive